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The PLYWOOD RUSSIA company is the largest supplier of plywood to Russian facilities

Fanera-Russia sells a wide range of plywood for any need. Cooperation with us - convenient payment system, delivery from factory to customer door, help of qualified employees, flexible prices. Our plywood store in Chelyabinsk offers all kinds of plywood - conifer, birch, color, retina, difficult to fuel, laminated and other without extra charge. All products meet quality standards.

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 Quality products

There are only two substances in the plate - shavings and glue. Due to the affordable cost, versatility, the building material is very technological and popular with everyone.

Our online plywood store is constantly updating the catalogue of products. Plywood is used in various fields - formwork, scaffolding and platform equipment, facing, roofing and finishing works.

This material is affordable for any customer. Shipping it will not cause additional difficulties due to low weight. Plywood is often used as a great option for flooring. It provides protection of concrete from damage. The product is popular when installing external fencing constructions to enhance the insulation quality.

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 Advantages of plywood

The main advantages of the material are:

  • acceptable price;
  • resistance to mold and fungus;
  • low weight products;
  • a high level of environmental friendliness and health safety;
  • ability to withstand large loads;
  • high level of insulation and thermal conductivity;
  • easy installation;
  • smooth surface, tinted;
  • attractive appearance.
  • With proper installation and reasonable operating conditions plywood will serve a long period of time.

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     Recommendations on the choice

    The use of plywood sheets helps to build a modern and durable structure that is equal in quality to other materials. When choosing a versatile material, it is recommended to pay attention to the brand and grade of the product. Online store plywood in Chelyabinsk will help to choose quality material for a certain type of work. The professional staff will select the brand, the thickness of the product.

    When choosing a product, it is recommended to check the quality of the edge of the sheet and how well the layers are glued. Cracks, dents, bulges should alert. At Fanera-Russia you will find favorable prices and a rich assortment. Call and leave the order at any convenient time.


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